WHo Am I?  

Great question!  And one that I ask myself often, because as we know who we are, we begin to choose who we will become.  


My story in a nutshell is like any other girl's story, if their story involved being born in Africa, being transplanted briefly to Romania and then being plopped down in the middle of the cornfields of Illinois to later represent the U.S. as an Olympic Gymnast. 

All joking aside I'm extremely proud and humbled to be able to say that I am one of the gymnasts who helped the U.S. to win our first medal in a non-boycotted Olympic games in 1992 in Barcelona.  The experience, and all of my experiences since, have shown me just how much I learned from the sport of gymnastics; it in a sense has been one of my greatest teachers. 


Now I am blessed to be able to return the favor by sharing what I have learned with the next generation, through Coaching on the U.S. National Staff, doing choreography and hosting my own PEAK Training Camps & Clinics.  From where I'm standing, the future looks bright!!!  


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