How do we create stability in an unstable world? 

Join the My Morning Mindset Meditation Club and you'll find out!  Each week Jacob and I will be sharing the tips and tools that we have been practicing and developing for the last 15 years, along with the science behind why meditation can be so powerful.  Together we'll be leading 3 Live Meditations a week, that are designed to bolster our mental health, foster emotional stability, boost our immune system and elevate our performance so that we can rise to our greatest potential, in sport, business and Life.

This Club happens online in a private Facebook Group that you can gain access to for only $10/month.

Click below to subscribe! 

Once registered you'll be added to the Morning Mindset Meditation Club private FB group. 

(If under 18 please log in through your parent or guardians FB account)

Live Meditation Schedule: 

Mon, Wed, Fri @ 8:00 AM (PT)


All Live meditations are recorded in case you can't make the scheduled time so you can go back and do it on your own time.

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