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Betty Okino

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"Sharing tools to help each individual create their own unique vision of greatness."

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Camps & Clinics

Combining my experiences of being an Olympic gymnast and a National Team Coach with my path of wellness, has been a true blessing, as I now get to share life lessons and tools through all of our camps & clinics to a new generation of athletes.  Clinics and Camps can range anywhere 3-hour dance and artistry clinics to 3-day high-performance camps.


No matter what type of athlete we are, we each have within us, our own unique expression of character and movement; as a choreographer it's my job to help each athlete discover that.  And since the music matters, in addition to choreo, we also have an in-house music department offering custom music edits.


About Me

Hi there!  My name is Betty Okino, and if we haven't yet met, I am an Olympic Medalist, a former professional dancer and currently a part of the US National Staff, working with our Olympic athletes on dance and artistry.  


For me, gymnastics was a gateway to becoming the person that I AM today, it was a vehicle for delivering lessons about perseverance, integrity, work ethic, visioning, flexibility, artistry, confidence, patience and focus.

It's those lessons that I work to include in every camp, clinic, dance class or choreography session that we do, for the Truth is, as we work to improve ourselves, we end up improving the world.  As you may have figured out by's so much more than gymnastics.

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"Betty brings a unique blend of technical expertise, compassion, inspiration, and energy to her work.  Rather than providing fleeting excitement like most camps, Betty and her staff ensure that athletes and their personal coaches leave PEAK Training Camp with the tools and motivation to foster future success.  Betty O Choreo & PEAK Training Camps will be main fixtures in our program for years to come!”


Lara & Arsen Minasyan

(Women’s Program Directors @ Gymnastics Olympica, USA)

"...the BEST part of the experience is watching Betty with the girls.  Each routine is unique and beautifully fits each girl and their personalities.  Betty delivers top notch choreography in a positive way and highlights the strengths and personalities of each girl she works with."  


Staci Stevens

(Owner/Head Coach @ Aurelian Gymnastics - Palm Desert, CA) 

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