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DFG | Dance For Gymnastics Clinics

Dance For Gymnastics Clinics are custom designed to deliver the same teaching, tools and techniques that I use with our U.S. National Team and Elite developmental Program. 

Why does dance matter, because every single leap, jump and turn that we'll ever do on Floor or Beam has its foundation in dance.  Even our shaping on the other events, when done properly can be traced back to a dance foundation.

Each 3 and 1/2 hour clinic focuses on artistry, movement, presentation, elongation, strength, conditioning and mindset.

THE MISSION of our DFG Clinics is to inspire a new level of confidence as a dancer and performer and to provide young athletes with a new understanding about how we can actually dance our way to a higher score in the sport, and along the way, discover how we can apply our lessons from the gym to our daily life.

Emerald City Gymnastics Dance Artistry & Mindset Clinic

Emerald City Gymnastics Dance Artistry & Mindset Clinic

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