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DFG | Dance For Gymnastics Clinics
& Coaches Training

Dance For Gymnastics Clinics are custom designed to deliver the same teaching, tools and techniques that I use with our U.S. National Team and Elite developmental Program. 

Why does dance matter, because every single leap, jump and turn that we'll ever do on Floor or Beam has its foundation in dance.  Even our shaping on the other events, when done properly can be traced back to a dance foundation.

Each 3 hour clinic focuses on artistry, movement, presentation, elongation, strength, conditioning and mindset.

THE MISSION of our DFG Clinics is to inspire a new level of confidence as a dancer and performer and to provide young athletes with a new understanding about how we can actually dance our way to a higher score in the sport, and along the way, discover how we can apply our lessons from the gym to our daily life.

Emerald City Gymnastics Dance Artistry & Mindset Clinic

Emerald City Gymnastics Dance Artistry & Mindset Clinic

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Confidence Team Building Intention
Goal Setting Strength Courage Inspiration 
Belief Respect Communication


"In all my years of coaching, working with Betty was one of the best experiences I have had in my career. Betty delivers top notch choreography in a positive way and the experience is one that our girls look forward to. We absolutely love Betty for dance!"

Staci Stevens
(Gym Mom/Coach)

“Betty brings a unique blend of technical expertise, compassion, inspiration, and energy to her work.  We have worked with Betty for the last 7 years for Choreography & Dance Clinics.  Rather than providing fleeting excitement like most clinicians, Betty ensures that athletes and the coaches leave each Clinic with the tools and motivation to foster future success.  Betty Okino and her Dance For Gymnastics Program will be main fixtures in our program for years to come!”

Lara & Arsen Minasyan

(Women’s Program Director @ Gymnastics Olympica, USA)

"My daughter, Christina, is a 14 year old elite gymnast. Over the last two years we have had the pleasure of working with Betty for dance. Betty fosters a collaborative environment where my daughter not only feels comfortable being herself but also feels like she will be respected and judged at the highest level by any judge who is scoring her."

(Gym Parent)

"I have been coaching at the elite level for over 30 years and have worked with at least that many dance teachers. What makes Betty so unique is her ability to keep the discipline of much-needed dance basics and barre, mixed with the artistry needs of today’s code of points! Most importantly is the athletes and coaches respect her so much that her teachings transfer quickly."

 Mary Lee Tracy
(Owner & Hall of Fame Olympic Coach @ Cincinnati Gymnastics)

"I am so grateful to Betty for choreographing Jade's Olympic gold medal routine. More importantly I am thankful for her style of coaching by instilling confidence in the athlete with respect and making it fun. It has been an honor to coach with her at National Team Elite Developmental Camps. She has a unique ability to bring out the strengths of the individual athlete and help them shine in their performances."

Brian Carey
(Coach of Olympic Gold Medalist Jade Carey)

DFG Coaches Training: 

What is a DFG Coaches Training and how is it different from other coach clinics? 


With the changing code and more and more attention being placed on artistry, DFG Coaches clinics teach coaches how to "see" and coach artistry with the same detail and vigor that they coach acro skills. 


Coaches clinics happen over 3 hours and are hosted by one gym but open to the region.  (Hosting gyms receive portion of profits based upon signups.)  

Request a Dance For Gymnastics Clinic
and/or Coaches Training:

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