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Life Mastery:

Life Ninja Mastermind Group

What is a Mastermind Group? 


It's what ever successful person throughout history has had, a group of peer-to-peer mentors that are working on solving similar challenges, a group of like-minded individuals all moving together toward a similar goal.

Join the Life Ninja Mastermind Group and you'll find out!  Each week Jacob and I will be sharing the tips & tools that we have been practicing and developing for the last 18 years, along with the science behind why meditation can be so powerful.  Together we'll be leading 3 Live Meditations a week as well as hosting challenges, that are designed to bolster our mental health, foster emotional stability, boost our immune system and elevate our performance so that we can rise to our greatest potential, in sport, business and Life.

This group happens online in a private Facebook Group that you can gain access to for only $20/month. 

Chaos to Calm Clarity of Vision Life Tools

Peace of Mind Elevated Performance

Community Health Connection Inspiration 

Mindfulness Family Self Mastery 


“In the Mastermind Group, Jacob and Betty have created an environment that provides a revitalizing, relaxing, and extremely consistent vacation for our minds and bodies. Attending their sessions is a gift we continue to give ourselves every chance we get."


Daryl & Jennibeth | North Carolina

"Being a part of the group has been such a blessing in not just my life but in my daughter's life as well.  It is something that we can do together and has benefited us both in more ways than we can count.  We are truly grateful to Betty and Jacob for sharing so much of themselves and teaching us a better way of living.  We have learned how to keep ourselves grounded and centered even when curve balls come our way.  We now know what a powerful tool our mind and breath is to bring us back into the present moment and into ourselves where true changes can take place.  Betty and Jacob make us feel like we are part of their family and part of something so much greater than you can imagine.  Joining the Mastermind Group has been one of the best things we have ever done.  We love and thank you both for everything!!!"                                 

Melissa and Delaney | Ohio

Submit your Request to Join the Group:

Thanks for connecting!

Once your request is approved you'll receive in invoice to begin your $20/mo subscription after which you'll be added to the Life Ninja Mastermind Group on Facebook. 

(If under 18 please log in through your parent or guardians FB account)


Live Meditation Schedule: 

Mon, Wed, Fri @ 8:00 AM (PT)


All Live meditations are recorded in case you can't make the scheduled time so you can go back and do it on your own time.

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