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A Letter to my Teenage Self

Dear heart, there are a few things I want you to know, as you embark on the journey of these next few months, and the rest of your life beyond. First and foremost, your value does not come from what you do, what you achieve or whether or not the world acknowledges you, but rather from who you are becoming. You are beloved and wonderfully made. You have your own special shine, as all beings do. You possess a quality that is uniquely your own. May you always nurture this and never compare yourself to another, for comparison is the thief of joy.

Focus on your journey, and yours alone in order to live a joy-filled, successful life. Compare yourself only to your own potential and not to that of your teammates. Make your goal each day, to be better than the person you were yesterday and at the end of each day write down all the things you did well that day. Be your own cheerleader, as the people around you might not be.

Live in gratitude, for it is one of the most powerful alchemists. Each morning, before your feet hit the ground, list all the things in your life to be grateful for, it will set the tone for the rest of your day. Trust the Process. Persistently and consistently keep choosing greatness. I know the injuries and setbacks are frustrating, yet remember hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

Your mind is a limitlessly powerful tool, for which you have the controls. Whatever you plant in your mind, and nourish through repetition will one day become a reality.

Talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself, in your home life as well as in the gym. Ask the question, “What is one thing I can do to make this situation better?” instead of, “Why is this happening to me?”

Use your voice! Fear not the use of your voice, for it is your power. It is how you let your needs be known. It is how you will build strong, trusting relationships with people whose perspectives are very different from your own.

Remember to Live in the opportunity of each day, each practice, each moment. And every now and then, celebrate how far you have come, and all you have overcome to get to this moment now. Be kind, it is what people will remember most. Be quick to forgive and slow to judge. Humans are flawed, and often operating from the pain of their past. Nurture your relationship with God, this will be the source of your greatest joy, steadfast strength, and your deepest peace. And above all, please know that you are so deeply Loved.

XO Betty


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