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God's Best Work is Done in the Dark

I think it is safe to say that we are going through a darkness, a void, a difficult time, with each of us having our own experience and our own role to play.

Like dirt being tilled to expose and clear out dead roots and debris from plantings past, so too is our world being churned, to prepare for the planting of new seeds, seeds of love, equality and hope. If we take a bag of seeds out, and put them on a shelf to sit, they will never produce. A seed requires darkness and well fertilized soil in order to grow. The roots of our broken systems, and wrong ideas that were planted long ago, were poisoning society as it grew. The infected soil from a decaying system needed to be ripped out, so that new Life may sprout.

When God gets ready to prepare us for the Light, He puts us in the dark.

Like an old camera, whose film needs to be developed in the dark, if light hits it, it’s developed too soon and is destroyed; it requires the darkness.

In the same way, are we being developed in the firmament and darkness of these times. God is developing us in this darkness. God is getting ready to pull something out of us, as a people, as citizens of the world, that we didn’t even know was there.

Whatever each of us is going through, as I know it is different for everyone, know that this trial is not about the circumstances that surround us, but about the promise being set before us. Had we never experienced this darkness, we would never experience the glory of God to come.

If I look 'around' me I see strife, if I look 'in' me, I see hope.

Sometimes we have to shut down our eyesight to gain some insight. The power that is going to deliver us, is coming from within. Agape Love, is the highest form of love, it is charity, it is the love of God for man and of man for God. Darkness may thrive in the void, yet it always yields to purified Light.

This year is anything but a bust. Stay in faith friends, 2020 will be the year the consciousness of the planet awakens from darkness into Light.


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